Friday, April 19, 2013

Some River Pictures

Well, I've decided to wait to post pictures of our still new apartment, because I'm not finished decorating how I want it to be, but I promise they will come soon!
These are some pictures from our adventure with Ty and Krystal, in the base of the Sequoia National Park. We tried to fish, but there wasn't much going on in this fish community.

 This tree was so cool. 

We are pro apple eaters. Danny is a little more pro than me. That or we were really hungry!

It has been so fun being out here! Danny is working hard and doing awesome at his new job! I am so proud of him. I just got a job at a gym called Inshape. Im going to be working part time in the daycare. I'm pretty excited about it. Good birth control and I think my days will go by pretty fast:) I take my test for hair soon so hopefully I can find a job doing that with the rest of my time. 

Thursday, April 11, 2013

All new adventures begin with packing

    Packing was not fun. It still blows my mind the amount of stuff we humans accumulate over the years...or year and a half in our case. It's crazy. I have definitely learned my lesson though. I will forever be dejunked. No more "I dont know what to do with this" box. If it doesn't have a home it has to go! I definitely would not have made it through packing up our house if it wasn't for my mother in law, and Julie and Greg. Thank you thank you thank you!
     So far California has been good to us! We got out to Bakersfield the 2nd of April. Danny's boss, who was going to train him, was out of town still from Easter, so he couldn't start working yet. So he tagged along to his friends appointments to learn the ins and outs, and I searched for apartments, and a job. We were so so so so lucky to have our friends let us take over their living room for a week, while we were trying to figure everything out.  On Thursday Danny's boss was pack and his training began. as for me,  after calling all over the city of Bakersfield, frantically trying to find an apartment of our our price range, I broke down and asked for help. Danny made a few phone calls and had a perfect studio apartment set up for us to move into by Monday. Incredible. I still don't know how he does it. Ill post some pictures soon. It is awesome.
    For the weekend we went up the mountains in Kern (about an hour away from Bakersfield) to fish and hike. It was so green!! The fishing was pretty terrible but the location was awesome. I really wanted to go up another 45 minutes to see the big sequoia tree's, but its a good thing we didn't because the roads were closed. we'll have to catch them next time! 
   Danny's first official day of knocking doors was Monday, which was also the day we moved into our apartment. It ended up being a great day! He got his first sale! I am still so proud of him. Today is Thursday and he is in 2nd place so far for most sales for the week. He is such a hard worker.
   As for me I have been studying for my cosmetology test so I can get licensed to do hair in California. No, my license from Utah doesn't transfer over. Yes, its a big pain in the butt. Also, I have been working out like crazy. There is a gym across the street from where we are and it has been awesome. I can now run 2 miles without stopping. which is a pretty big deal for me. Thanks for the inspiration Aunt Lu :)
   Going through this whole big, stressful change in our lives has really been quite the experience. I remember back when we were first trying to decide what we were going to do. We were going to the temple and praying often and fasting, and I remember it felt like such a roller coaster. Back in those moments I felt like no one was listening to my prayers, that Danny and I were alone in making, what felt like such a huge decision for us. With the help of Danny, the holy ghost, and Josh (I definitely felt him a few times)  I feel like I was able to receive an answer to prayer and I knew what the right choice was for us. And once we chose to follow that, things have come together better then we planned. I have felt the lord guide us to where we are, and even though it is really hard to be away from my family, I know that we are where we are supposed to be for right now. And that is really comforting.